martedì 21 settembre 2010

Alcohols can make us drunk, but you made us bleeding!

They told me there were three openings in NON Gallery, Pi Art Gallery, and Outlet Gallery.
As I was arriving I saw a huge group of people on the street and I thought:'what a crowd!'; but as soon as I got closer, the crowd that I thought was caming to see the exhibitions it turned to be a crowd of shouting men, not les than 50, all of them from 35 to 55, all of them form the neighbor.
I stop a girl on the street and I asked what were they saying. “They do not want to see people drinking on the street; they say that this is a neighbor for family and there are children around. They do not want their children to see people drinking on the street”.
The crowd kept walking from gallery NON to Pi Art ,that immediately closed the doors .
As the crowd saw that they were closing, one of the man at the head of the group turned around and shout to everybody to stop. They made gallery NON closing, broke some bottles and threw upside down whatever they found out of the gallery , and now they made the second gallery close as well; that was enough.
But it was not.
The group of family protectors, turned around and looked like disappearing as a car of police was coming.
While somebody from the galleries where talking to the police, nobody of them was at sight, but they where just hiding and waiting.
I was next to a policeman when a guy came to say that he saw some of the most responsible, right on the other side of the street hiding behind a big car.
We went there, first of all a man with a gray jacket and white shirt.
“There they are”, he was shouting “there they are!”, poıntıng hes finger: and that was when the fight started.
The group of the man of the neighbor jumped on him. I was right behind and I can tell you they’re expressions where not nice. They started beating whoever was trying to protect the man with the gray jacket or whoever they thought was responsible for the obscenity. The only two policeman there, could do nothing against at least ten of them.
There was a man with a brown jacket that I had seen a minute before out of the gallery, and now was on the ground trying to protect his head, five big man kicking him; I saw one of them kicking his head and when I saw the man standing up without bleeding, walking with hes own legs, I was relieved!
Right where the fight started two kid where playing and they run to see what was happening; I hade to pull both of them away or they could have find theirself in the middle of the fight.
The fight had a little break, but just for a minute. While the man with the gray jacket was talking to a policeman, one of the neighbor men came running and pounced him right on the face. The police did nothing, just helped the guy to stand up, but did not try to run and catch the big man. I helped as well and took him to have a sit; even if he covered his face with a hand the blood was still dropping at every step.
Anyway, when the big fat man came running to pounce, there was a five year old boy right next to the man he was pouncing.
I guess that was something that he was not against to show to kids.
Still no other policeman where coming. The only two there did nothing but asking questions to people of the galleries but not a word to the aggressors.
I got to Outlet where I saw the glass of the entrance door broken and inside a few young girls, two of them still crying for the shock.
That was when the ambulance for the pounced man came, and many other policeman as well, right on time to be late!
So dear father protectors, before you came, there was just alcohol on the street but as soon as you get there there was blood! What do you think is better?!

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Anonimo ha detto...

What a horrible experience to go through. Glad you came out of it unhurt. Sometimes people who think they can make things better actually just make it worse - Andrea Martel

Anonimo ha detto...

Nice dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.